Apostolos Ouzounis SA


Learn more about our Regulations in Camping for a comfortable stay


1. The campers is expected to avoid disturbing the peace between 15:00 – 17:00 and 24:00 – 07:00

2. The maximum limit inside the camping grounds is 5 km/h

3. The camping gate is closing to vehicles between the hours on the sign post at the entrance. Campers wanting to depart before the gate opens, must leave their vehicles outside the camping grounds.

4. Dogs are permitted on condition that they are on a lead, or that they don’t disturb others and they are walked outside the camping grounds.

5. CAUTION! All water inside the buildings are drinkable.

6. To empty waste from chemical toilets into the public toilets. Chemical toilets can be emptied in a special area marked with a No 4 on the camping plan.

7. The electricity supply to all places is 900 – 1200 Watt.